IQAir advanced air purifiers for allergy and asthma sufferers remove 99% of all particles -- even viruses, bacteria, fungus, mold spores and similar airborne germs.

Advanced Air Cleaning for Home and Office

IQAir HealthPro Series


Features of the IQAir Stand-Alone Air Cleaners

Sophisticated Control Options

  • Six Speed Settings - Most air cleaners provide only two or three fan IQAir air purifiers have remote controls and programmable settings. Unit indicates when filters need to be changed. speed settings. This often leaves you with two choices. Either you run the unit at a quiet, but ineffective fan speed, or you choose a more powerful, but too noisy speed. The HealthPro gives you the choice of six fan speeds, allowing you to select the ideal performance-to-sound ratio.

  • Integrated Timer - Program the HealthPro to turn itself on and off based on your lifestyle. Set the unit to run during office hours or program it in your bedroom to go on after you have reached deep slumber.

  • Remote Control - Permits on/off, fan speed selection and timer activation from as far as 30 feet away.

Change Filters in Seconds

Certificate of Performance

Each IQAir is individually tested and certified. In an industry where most air purifiers do not actually meet their manufacturers claims, IQAir tests and certifies each and every individual system with a Performance Guarantee! IQAir's HyperHEPA filtration is tested and certified to filter down to 0.003 microns (the world's smallest particle) with a guaranteed Each IQAir is individually tested and certified.minimum efficiency of over 99.5%. This is 100 times smaller than what can be achieved by ordinary HEPA technology. IQAir's patented HyperHEPA can remove all particle sizes, down to the very smallest particles that can be measured and it does so at an efficiency rating that has never before been achieved in a home air cleaner. This is because the HealthPro Plus is the world's first room air cleaner with filters certified under the most stringent filter standard EN (European Norm) 1822. IQAir's HyperHEPA filter has received the official H12/H13 certification guaranteeing the cleanest, freshest air possible in your home.

Modular Design

The HealthPro Plus with V5-Cell Technology

IQAir V5-Cell uses broad-spectrum gas and odor control media.  Removes chemicals and odors from the air. Many conventional air cleaners feature some type of activated carbon filter for the control of gaseous pollutants or odors. There are two common types of activated carbon filters. The least efficient consist of activated carbon pads where carbon dust is glued to the surface of a synthetic fiber pad. The second type, granular carbon, is more efficient in absorbing gases and odors. Unfortunately, granular carbon drastically reduces the airflow capacity of air cleaners, making them less effective in improving your indoor air quality.

The HealthPro Plus uses revolutionary V5-Cell Technology to provide superior removal of gaseous pollutants and odors. Rather than using common activated carbon, the V5-Cell uses a special five pound blend of broad-spectrum gas and odor control media. As a result, the HealthPro Plus is able to trap a broader range of gaseous contaminants and odors than conventional room air purifiers. The V-shaped media chambers allow for higher airflow than comparable units.

Filtration Stages

Other Features of the IQAir HealthPro Series

High-Performance Centrifugal Fan

IQAir air cleamers for allergy and asthma sufferers remove 99% of all allergens -- even viruses, bacteria, fungus  and mold spores.  Get relief from allergies to dust, dander, pollen and mold.

Maximum air delivery with filters: up to 240 cfm (410 m3/h)
Fan capacity: 700 cfm (1200m3/h)
Low energy consumption: 30-195 watts

Pre-Filter Element

Fine dust filtration with mini-pleat 55% efficient media at 0.3mm
(ASHRAE 90-95%, class F8)
Protects life of HEPA filter

Air Intake

Maximum distance from air outlet prevents re-intake of already cleaned air (short-cutting)
Optional: intake adapter to create over or underpressure environments

Air Outlet Diffuser

Returns clean, low turbulance, low velocity air
Optional: outlet adapter to direct the clean air stream to a work area

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