The Technology

No gimmicks or questionable technology here. We only carry air purifiers that physically remove pollutants from the air. We do not sell ozone generators nor ionizers because we believe them to be ineffective and, in some cases, harmful.

All of the air cleaning machines found on contain medical grade HEPA filtration (or better) to provide relief from allergy, asthma, sinus problems, and other problems caused by dust, dander, and pollen. Our air purifiers also are configured with high-quality carbon for the capture of odors and chemical vapors from tobacco smoke, VOCs, pets, cooking, and other indoor problems. Cat and Dog Some have germidical technology to destroy airborne viruses, bacteria, and mold spores.

We Can Help

Let help you select the most effective model for your needs and budget. Just tell us about your air quality concerns and we will help you narrow down your choices to the air purifiers that best match your specific situation.

Call toll-free (888)246-8776 or send us an email.

Additional items for a healthy environment coming soon.

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