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The natural Airfree TSS technology uses heated air to destroy
airborne mold, bacteria, viruses, dust mites, and pollen allergens.


What is an Air Sterilizer?

The Airfree P1000, P2000, and P3000 air sterilizers are not air puriiers in the usual sense. They do not capture particles or vapors in filters, but rather destroy them through high heat inside of the units. The air is sterilized through an incineration process. This is a particularly effective natural method to kill pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. Extensive testing has shown that, in addition to destroying living microorganisms, these sterilizerrs are also effective at reducing airborne pollens, dust mite allergens, organic odors, odors, and pet dander.

How Does it Work?

Contaminated air is pulled into Airfree's ceramic core by air convection. Once inside, airflow moves the offending particles into the TSS sterilizing chamber where the particles and microorganisms are incinerated at 400 degrees. The air is then cooled down before being released into the room. Microorganisms are destroyed at high temperatures regardless of how resistant and dangerous they might be.

Diagram showing how AirFree air sterilizer works


Typical Test Result Chart Airfree's exclusive Thermodynamic Sterilising System (TSS) technology has been independently tested in "real life"” working conditions by world renowned institutions and ISO 17025 laboratories in six different countries including the USA, Sweden and Germany.

These tests prove that Airfree totally destroys up to 99.99% microorganisms that pass through its patented TSS, no matter how small or hazardous they might be. Detailed copies of the independent tests are available upon request.

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The 10-Day Strawberry Test

Strawberries were tested in two separate closed chambers. One chamber which contained the AirFree air sterilizer contained a dramatically reduced amount of microorganism including the fungus that attacks strawberries. After ten days, the strawberry in the unsterilized chamber was completely moldy, the other strawberry was protected against a similar infestation. 10 Day Strawberry Test showing mold on strawberry grown in room with and without AirFree sterilization

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