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Airpura Room and Central Air Systems Product Sheets

Airpura Model Suggested Use Product Sheet
R600 ALL PURPOSE - Safe, effective air purification for home, office and workshops R600 product sheet
V600 CHEMICALS - Enhanced carbon for specific chemicals and VOCs V600 product sheet
T600 TOBACCO SMOKE - Cleans the air of chemicals and tars from tobacco smoke T600 product sheet
C600 ODORS - Cleans the air of odors and some chemicals C600 product sheet
UV600 MOLD and GERMS - Complete filtration for microbes, chemicals and particles UV600 product sheet
P600 PHOTOCATALYTIC OXIDIZER - Complete filtration for chemicals, odors, particles and microorganisms featuring the new TitanClean photocatalytic oxidizer P600 product sheet
H600 ALLERGIES and ASTHMA - For allergy and asthma sufferers and large scale particle filtration H600 product sheet
I600 HEALTHCARE - Isolation, particle abatement. UV option for antigens and pathogens I600 product sheet
Central Air Systems WHOLE-HOUSE - Six filtration options to provide continuous purification of particles, odors, chemicals, and pathogens Central Air System product sheet

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