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All of the Austin Healthmate air purifiers contain medical grade True HEPA filters and are excellent choices for people suffering from allergies caused by dog and cat dander, bird powder, mold, dust and dust mites, pollens, and similar irritants. The HealthMates' true HEPA filter removes 99.97% of all particles greater than .3 microns from the air, so you will experience relief from coughing and stuffed up noses due to allergies.

There are two sizes of the Austin Healthmate line. The standard size units (the Healthmate, Allergy Machine, Pet Machine, the Healthmate Plus, and the Bedroom Machine) will clean an area up to 1,500 square feet, while the smaller units (the HealthMate Junior, Allergy Machine Junior, Healthmate Junior Plus, and Baby's Breath) will clean up to 700 square feet.

How to Choose the Best Air Cleaner for Your Needs

Since all of the Austin Air units contain true medical grade HEPA filters for the capture of particles, the determining factors in choosing between the models are the type of carbon and the size of the space you wish to clean.

Here is a guide to help you choose:

When Do You Need the Austin Allergy Machine
or Allergy Machine Junior?

The Austin Allergy Machines are excellent choices for controlling odors such as pet smells, cigarette and cigar smoke, locker room and cooking odors. The lightweight carbon cloth can last about thirty times longer than the original carbon blend, even though it weights much less.

This is the best choice of carbon when your concern is basically with odors rather than chemicals.

When Do You Need the Austin HealthMate or Healthmate Junior?

The Austin HealthMate uses a combination of carbon and zeolite to absorb chemicals from the air. While this model is also excellent at controlling odors, the carbon and zeolite blend enables the unit to collect a wider variety of chemicals than the new Allergy Machine can. Although the Allergy Machine's carbon should ultimately absorb more of the usual odors found in the home, the original HealthMate air filter is the better choice for people concerned with breathing chemical vapors.

When Do You Need the Austin HealthMate Pet Machine?

The Pet Machine was developed specifically to handle the odors of pets like cats and dogs.

The Austin HealthMate Pet Machine was designed specifically to control the lingering odor of ammonia caused by dogs, cats and other pets. Like all of the Austin Healthmate models, the Pet Machine also has a true HEPA filter which is effective in removing airborne dander, dust and pollen.

When Do You Need the Austin HealthMate Plus
or the Healthmate Junior Plus?

We recommend the Plus models for enhanced absorption of chemicals from the air.

Like the other versions of the carbon, the Pluses handle odors very well. However, if you are sensitive to chemicals, or are in an environment where vapors from chemicals are your concern, then the Austin HealthMate Plus is the perfect choice. Note: All of the models of the Austin air cleaners will absorb odors, fumes and gases from the air, but the Plus has a greater capacity for absorption of chemical vapors such as formaldehyde which is found in rugs and pressed wood. This is also the best choice for those with asthma, COPD, or other inflammatory lung disease.

  • Example 1: If you have installed new carpets, then you will experience off-gassing of formaldehyde for months. The Healthmate Plus can remove this toxin from the air better than the other models can.
  • Example 2: If you work with paints, solvents and thinners, you are breathing volatile fumes on a regular basis. The Healthmate Plus can absorb more of these fumes than the other models can.
  • Example 3: If you are sensitive to chemicals in the air, you may feel the effects of fumes sooner than other people do. The Healthmate Plus takes more chemical substances out of the air than the other models do, thus providing additional relief.
  • Example 4: You may be able to better control asthma attacks by reducing the amount of chemical vapors in the air.

When Do You Need The National Sleep Foundation Bedroom Machine?

The newest model offered by Austin Air has been designed to help people whose sleep is compromised by odors or chemicals in the air. This machine has the same HEPA filter as the other models, but contains the kind of carbon found in BOTH the Healthmate and Allergy Machine units for maximum removal of vapors.

Choosing between the standard size Healthmate or the Junior

The Junior models have all the same features as the standard HealthMates, but are intended for a smaller area. We recommend the Junior for people who plan to filter a single room. This is an excellent choice for use in a bedroom or den.

The standard size is a better choice when you want to clean more than one room, want to clean one room more quickly, or you want to run the air filter at the lowest speed and still get a sufficient number of air exchanges per hour.

What is Baby's Breath?

Air Purifier for babies The Junior Allergy Machine is now available in baby pink and baby blue. They make a perfect baby shower gift.

Summary of Differences in Carbon

The difference between the various Austin HealthMate air purifiers is in the formulation of the material that absorbs gases and odors.


Models Description of Carbon
Austin Healthmate
Austin Healthmate Junior
Granular carbon and zeolite mix. Blend is effective for odors and some chemicals.
Austin Healthmate Allergy Machine
Austin Healthmate Junior Allergy  Machine and Baby's Breath
Uses military carbon cloth. Provides larger carbon surface area for absorption of household odors including smoke.
Austin Healthmate Plus
Austin Healthmate Junior Plus
Granular Carbon, zeolite, and potassium iodine max. Removes odors and is most effective in removing chemicals including VOCs like formaldehyde and adhesives.
Austin Healthmate Pet Machine
Special carbon blend that is particularly effective on ammonia odors. Designed for pet owners.
The National Sleep Foundation Bedroom Machine
Combines proprietary granular carbon blend with military carbon cloth to provide a safe and effective solution to enhanced sleep.

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