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Portable Air Purifier for Car and Home

Roomaid Car and Home Packages

Roomaid Portable Air Purifier for Car and Home

Roomaid Air Purifier used in a home

All Roomaid Air Purifiers include:

  • Medical grade HEPA filter for removal of very small particulates
  • Pre-filter to capture larger particles
  • Either a blanket-type carbon filter (Standard Car Package)
    or carbon canister (VOC Car Package)

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Although this is a nice air purifier for a small area, we think its strongest benefit is that it is also an excellent unit to clean the air in your vehicle while on the road. To that end, we have configured the Roomaid Car and Home Package with the AutoKit so that it can be used while traveling.

Power Adapters:
The Roomaid Car and Home Package comes standard with an AC adapter that plugs into the wall socket as well as a cigarette lighter adapter for power in your automobile, giving you HEPA filtration away from home. This means you can protect yourself from pollution from cars and trucks on the road, and then take it with you when you check into a hotel room when you stop for the night. Seat belt adaptor and cigarette lighter adapter for Roomaid car filter.

Since the Roomaid Car Packages can be powered by a standard wall plug or car adapter, it is useful for many applications including filtering the air in automobiles, recreation vehicles, small bedrooms, work cubicles, boat or truck cabins, bathrooms, or large closets.

Seat Belt Adapter:
The Roomaid Car Packages also include a seat belt adapter to safely restrain the air purifier when you are driving. This is an mportant safety feature since detached items can become dangerous objects in an accident.

The Roomaid Car and Home Standard Package and the Roomaid Car and Home VOC Package are identical except for the type of carbon included. The VOC package has much more carbon and can handle chemical vapors more effectively.

The Roomaid Car and Home Standard Package

The Roomaid Car and Home Standard Package is intended for use in a vehicle or small room where chemicals are not a significant problem. This quiet air purifier has a true medical grade HEPA filtercarbon filter for Roomaid car filter. to remove particles such as those generated by car and truck exhausts, as well as dust, dander, and pollen.

This package has a blanket-type carbon filter to remove odors.

Note: If you are concerned about breathing chemicals from diesel fumes or formaldehyde in your car, home or office, the better choice for you would be the Roomaid Car and Home VOC Package. See the next option below.

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The Roomaid Portable Air Purifier VOC Home Package

The Roomaid Car and Home VOC Package has been configured to capture a wider range of chemicals fumes than the Roomaid Car and Home Standard Package which is better used in a small area where vapors are not an issue.

carbon filter for Roomaid car filter. Rather than using the blanket-type of carbon filter found in the Standard Package, the VOC Package includes a carbon canister with a larger amount of carbon specially blended to remove volatile organic compounds (VOC) from the air. The enhanced carbon filter will remove normal odors like food as well as chemical fumes. We recommend this option especially if concerned with highway fumes.

Like all Roomaid configurations, this package contains a true medical grade HEPA filter to remove vehicle exhaust particles as well as dust, pollen, and dander.

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How to Choose

Step 1: Decide whether you will use the Roomaid in the car.

Are you looking for an air purifier to clean the air in your car while you drive? If YES, you will want one of the Roomaid Car and Home Packages described above. These handy units can be plugged into your car's cigarette lighter adaptor when driving but can also be plugged into a standard wall jack at home or in a hotel room.

If you are looking for a portable air filter that will only be used at home or office, you may want to choose the Roomaid Home Package which does not come with the Autokit.

Click here for the Roomaid Home Package.

Step 2: Decide whether you need to remove odors and chemicals or just light odors.

Do you have a chemical problem or sensitivity? Do you wish to keep your breathing space as clean as possible? If YES, select the Roomaid VOC Car and Home Package since it has a more robust carbon filter. Otherwise, the Roomaid Standard Car and Home Package should meet your needs.

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