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The NQ Clairifer is No Longer Available

NQ Inc. No Longer Manufacturing Parts

Airpura Air Purifier The manufacturer of the NQ Clarifier appears to have gone out of business. We were hoping to find a source for third-party filters but we have not located any company willing to manufacturer the parts.

The unfortunate consequence of this situation is that replacement parts are no longer available.

Recommendation for a Replacement for the NQ Clarifier

We know that many NQ Clarifier owners rely on these air cleaning devices and will want to find a different unit to fill this need. If you would like to retain the functionality of your NQ, we recommend switching to one of the Airpura UV models, any of which will be an upgrade to your existing machine.

Advantages of Airpura over NQ

The Airpura units have better specifications and also have more options that enable the end user to address specific issues more effectively. Advantages include:
Airpura Air Purifier

  • Higher potency UV bulbs for greater pathogen destruction.
  • Greater amount of carbon.
  • Choices of carbon blends.
  • Covers about 25% larger area.
  • Variable speed motor.
  • Quieter operation.
  • Easier to change filters.
  • Optional photocatalytic oxidizer for enhanced germicidal effectiveness and chemical fume abatement.
  • Optional SuperHEPA filter to remove more particles than HEPA.

Please Call for Advice

Please call us if you would like help in chosen the specific model that best meets your needs. Our toll-free telephone number is (888)246-8776.

The Airpura UV600 is closest to the standard NQ Clarifier but there are several upgrades that may work out even better for you.

We have put together information sheets comparing the NQ line with the corresponding Airpura line:

Click here for the NQ Clarifier comparison chart.

Click here for the NQ Clarifier Medical and Medical Plus comparison chart.

Additional information on the Airpura line can be found at http://airfilterstore.com/airpura.

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