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GM80 Overview

The Nilfisk GM80 Vacuum Cleaner: For Family and Business

Nilfisk GM80 Residential and Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Lightweight and portable, but with a huge work capacity, the Nilfisk GM 80 is a versatile machine providing the durability and performance required by dust control professionals as well as those wishing exceptional cleaning capability in their home.

Because of its compact size, the GM80 can be used where larger pieces of equipment cannot fit, making it well-suited to both residential and commercial use. The high quality, well-sealed, HEPA filtration of this vacuum cleaner makes it an excellent choice for those suffering from asthma and allergy and is robust enough to handle the demands of commercial applications.

The GM80 can cope with heavy jobs and frequent vacuuming. The sturdy aluminium container means that the vacuum cleaner is almost in-destructable. And together with the strong motor, you can rely on the GM80 for many years to come.

The all-purpose GM80 vacuum cleaner is a symbol of Nilfisk quality, reflecting elegance, solidity, durability, high performance and many years of efficient cleaning.

Configurations of the Nilfisk GM80

For nearly half a century, Nilfisk has been an important name in industrial cleaning. Their heavy-duty Nilfisk and Nilfisk CFM industrial vacuum cleaners efficiently collect everything from food scraps to pharmaceutical powders to bulk materials. High-efficiency filtration systems and low-maintenance operation make them ideal for uses as varied as home use or general maintenance cleaning in manufacturing plants and critical contamination control in cleanrooms.

The GM80 is useful in both home and commercial settings, but there are two configuations of the GM80 that are more likely to be used in non-residential environemnts: The GM80-CR for cleanrooms and the GM80 with variable speed control, also referred to as the Museum model.

GM80 - General Purpose

Cleanroom worker with Nilfisk GM80 Residential and Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
The basic GM80 configuration is just as powerful and durable as the specialized versions generally used in commercial or industrial settings, but is more appropriate for general purposes. While some of the Nilfisk models are intended for extreme, continuous use in specific industries, the GM80 is designated as a general purpose vacuum cleaner most suitable for intermittant use in homes and commercial settings.

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GM80-CR for Cleanrooms

Cleanroom worker with Nilfisk GM80 Residential and Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
Lightweight, portable and quiet, the GM 80CR is perfect for use in cleanrooms, research labs and other critical environments. Four-stage filtration system includes a 2 1/4-gallon paper bag, main filter, microfilter and ULPA exhaust filter. A conductive hose and accessories provide ESD protection.

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GM80 with Variable Speed Control

Library worker with Nilfisk GM80 with variable speed control

This model is also referred to as the Museum unit because its ability to finely control the amount of suction makes it the perfect choice for cleaning museum artifacts. Other applications include library books, pharmaceutical environments, antique shops, and hobbyists and collectors who need to carefully preserve their investments.

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