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As a convenience to our customers, we have instituted a free Reminder Service that will enable us to contact you when it seems to be time to replace parts. You can change or cancel this service at any time by calling our toll-free number (888)246-8776.

If you would like us to help you maintain your new air purifier or vacuum cleaner, please let us know how often you would like to be contacted.

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Please note that our "Suggested Schedule" is only a guideline. Your actual usage can vary greatly depending on your environment (lots of pets, smoke, etc.) and how much you use your air purifier or vacuum cleaner.

Item Suggested Schedule Your Preference
Austin Air 3-5years
IQAir 6-12 months
Blueair 6 months
Airpura 12-18 months
NQ 12 months
Nilfisk 12 months
Roomaid 12 months
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